Something we love...

Something that we value at Paper Trails is connecting with the community and sharing with them our passion for what we do. Yesterday, our bridal consultant Melissa spent the morning with a class of fourth graders at Horace Mann Elementary in Lakewood. She taught a lesson on writing proper thank you notes-- something everyone needs to learn at some point in their lives! Especially these days, when everything is online and you can do just about anything without even speaking to another human, we think it's so important for young people to be learning to value connecting with each other through hand written notes and letters.


Melissa first went over the points to include in a proper thank you note. Then students got to practice by writing their own thank you notes to people who had helped them get school supplies for the school year. They loved having their own thank yous to write and give to people!


We absolutely love opportunities to connect with the community like this. If you or someone you know would like us to visit their class, please contact us! or 440-333-0033.