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Andrea Z

Cleveland, OH


In June 2009, I discovered Paper Trails and it saved my life. Ok, perhaps a bit dramatic. But at the time, it felt like I was going insane, and after my experience with PT, I was brought back from the brink.

One of the last things on the wedding to-do list was the programs. The F&!@ING programs.....I'd been putting it off for weeks. You see, I'm just not art-y or design-y at all. I could picture vaguely what I wanted them to be like, but I just couldn't find anything I liked on websites, etc. Then, I found PT and everything got easier. I should have gone there straight away and not stressed myself out!

For custom work, they make an appointment and actually sit down with you to discuss what you want. They show you a ton of examples of real projects they've done in case you need inspiration. They help you pick out the paper type, size, etc. and tell you exactly how much it will cost. No surprises! They were so so great, I can't even tell you. I was at my wits end planning a wedding out of state and their calm, experienced help was just what I needed. The whole process was totally painless. They even accidentally overcharged me and I didn't even notice in the wedding craziness, but they called and told me they were refunding me. Honest!

These ladies were SO great. A small oasis of sanity and aid in the vast crazy desert that is wedding planning.  Head here for all of your custom and non-custom paper needs.

Janet V.

Bay Village, OH


I thought their selection in save the dates/invites were great. They also have great in-house printing that we used to print addresses from my invites instead of using the printing company. I also ordered their custom stationary for my wedding thank you's & loved them...I am sad to be out of them already. The staff was great and very helpful with ideas and suggestions. Everything was terrific & I still see our Save the Date magnet on our friends/family refridgerators!!!!