Our Experience

We’ve got the art of stationery and invitations down to a science.

Today, the options for stationery and invitation design are truly endless. Part of our job is to make it super easy for customers to make the perfect selection.

It’s easy to think that running paper shop might result in a ton of wasted paper. But really, we conserve paper like crazy! We RARELY throw paper away – instead, we save every page for print test sheets, to-do lists or scrap bundles, and once it’s totally unusable, we recycle it. Every month, the contents of each bin are shredded, baled and recycled – which translates into saving about 12+ trees per year. Paper Trails also offers several recycled paper and card lines.

The BEST in Cleveland…

Did you know that Paper Trails was voted BEST stationery in Cleveland, by Cleveland Magazine in October 2007. Needless to say, when you work with us, you’re working with the experts (and working with the BEST)!

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