Save the Dates

Selecting a save-the-date card is a fun way to officially announce your wedding date and begin shopping for wedding stationery. With so many options available, you can introduce colors and designs that can be carried through the entire wedding. In many cases, save-the-date cards are fairly informal, so don’t be afraid to design something fun that reflects your personality as a couple. At our shop, the most popular save-the-date options are customized magnets or single-layer cards – both of which are totally personalized and cost-effective!


Meet with Paper Trails: 7-14 months prior to your wedding date*

  • We’ll help you gather ideas and prices (you can also place your order if you’re ready)
  • *It’s ideal to meet with Paper Trails within this time frame, but we can work with less. If you’re in a situation where you need items ASAP, rush fees can range from an extra $20 to $80.

Order them: 7-14 months prior
Send them out: 6-12 months prior
Average spend: $175-$250 per 100 Save-the-Dates

Online Ordering Options

While we’d love to work with you personally in our shop, we also offer several options to order online. This is a great option if you’re unable to make it into the shop, or prefer to shop at home. Feel free to check them out, and call us if you’ve got questions. 

Envelopments® is our most popular line of blank stock. They’ve got a great assortment of colors, designs, pockets and enclosures.