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Your Workday


At Paper Trails, “Business Stationery” goes beyond traditional business cards and letterhead. While our shop is happy to print the basic tools for communication, we pride ourselves on helping professionals create their own brand and build stronger relationships. Selecting stationery that is more personal and making an effort to send handwritten notes to clients and employees can help achieve both of those objectives.

Event Invitations

For small- and large-scale events alike, the invitation drives the first impression. Every element of the invitation – from paper thickness and color to fonts and graphics – will have an impact on how guests view the event. We’ve worked with a number of corporations and non-profit organizations to develop memorable invitations that increase event attendance and reinforce their brand. Our clients include:

  • Cleveland Yachting Club
  • Compassions Training
  • Ruffing Montessori
  • St. Ignatius High School
  • Thacker Martinsek LPA
  • The Cleveland Clinic
  • The Red Cross
  • University Dermatologists

In working with Thacker Martinsek LPA, Paper Trails was asked to design an invitation for an Open House that introduced the new law firm.

  • Key Issues: In a time crunch, quick turnaround was critical. Additionally, the firm’s multiple offices required variation in the invitations and multiple mailing lists. Keeping costs within reason was also a concern.
  • Client Vision: A classy invitation that would set the invitation (and thus, the new law firm) apart from others and encourage attendance from guests within the legal realm. Many invited guests often receive “Open House” invitations, so this one needed to stand out.
  • Deliverables: Paper Trails created a 5x7” triple-layer invitation combining metallic and black backers with a bright white printed layer. Silver shimmer envelopes ensured the invitation would look distinctive within a stack of incoming mail. Paper Trails also printed the mailing and return addresses directly on the envelope for a cohesive look – then stuffed, sealed and stamped the invites and delivered them to the post office.
  • Results: The firm was thrilled with the response rate. “…As I suspected, working with you on this was one of my better ideas of the year. Guests are commenting on the invites, even if they aren’t able to attend. I’ve heard the words “classy” and “sharp” – and that’s us – so we nailed it. The silver envelope (good idea!) was key because so many corporate people, judges etc. get dozens of these a week and this set us apart.” - Kyle Weigand, Firm Administrator